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An incredible tragedy has occurred in the last 4 months to a family friend of our president (Isabelle Tschugmall) in Maun.

In the spring of 2021, the father of my colleague passed away, followed by the uncle, and as the sister was driving away from the funeral, she was involved in a car accident. In July 2021, she has now passed away, leaving behind two children aged 11 and 17 - without a father.

When I received this news, I was overwhelmed with dismay and at a loss for words. The family must now, in addition to personal losses, also bear the difficult financial situation during Corona. My colleague is now responsible for the entire family of about eight people and is currently the only earning person during the Corona crisis.

To us, Female Empowerment in Botswana also means supporting a woman who must carry everything alone during the greatest crisis.

Help us give hope to an entire family and a single-earning mother during a terrible crisis.​

We need CHF 150 per month to ensure safe school transportation and nutrition for the two children left behind.

You are welcome to make a direct donation or contact us, get to know the family, and take on a kind of sponsorship.

We thank you in advance for YOUR support.

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