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Making an impact through female empowerment in Botswana.


The Small Village is a Swiss NPO, which is dedicated to women and children in Botswana. Through our close networking with the local community and our environmental focus, we are committed to a holistic and targeted approach. Our mission is based on three linked parts: empowerment of financial independence (business development), access to the national health care system and access to the education system (especially the Safari Guide area).

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our team

We are "The Small Village Botswana," an official non-profit organization based in Switzerland. Founded by sisters Isabelle and Melanie Tschugmall, along with Sofie Moens, and supported by Marina Eleftheriadou, Natalia Wata, and Nadija Drici, our board brings diverse perspectives to our mission.


Botswana, the land of vast expanses, is home to a fascinating array of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Here, tradition and modernity converge amidst the majestic tranquility of nature.

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As an organization, we are registered in Switzerland and are authorized to issue donation receipts. We will communicate transparently about our projects through annual reports, internet and social media channels, as well as newsletters.

Our projects are primarily funded by donations from individuals, businesses, as well as social organizations and churches.

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