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One of our current health care partners is Okavango Air Rescue. This is one of the air rescue operations in Botswana (analogous to REGA in Switzerland) and has the headquarters in Maun. With professional medical help, the private doctor's office gnaws at the Motswanas (official name of the Botswana population) and tourists on site.

It was agreed with the local doctors that 90% of the funding goes to the health costs of women and children, 10% are given to men.


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Why wait?

The project activities aim to enable young people in Botswana to continue their personal and professional development and to develop them into equal members of society.


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Christmas Project 2022

Christmas is just around the corner, a day of giving and community. It is a time to help and empower others to achieve their dreams. Support projects in Botswana today, such as a Christmas dinner in a retirement home or gifts for the Women Shelter. When donating, please state the purpose. Thank you for your support!

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