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One of our current health care partners is Okavango Air Rescue. This is one of the air rescue operations in Botswana (analogous to REGA in Switzerland) and has the headquarters in Maun. With professional medical help, the private doctor's office gnaws at the Motswanas (official name of the Botswana population) and tourists on site.

It was agreed with the local doctors that 90% of the funding goes to the health costs of women and children, 10% are given to men.

Your support will cover the following costs:

  •      drugs

  •      external examination costs such as blood tests

  •      Contribution to medical examinations

  •      any transport costs

We receive a report every quarter, which contains the contributions to expenses and illnesses.

More information about Okavango Air Rescue here.

Next actions:

  • We are in close contact with our partner organisation Okavango Air Rescue and will donate CHF 500 specifically for the treatment or clarification of COVID-19 cases. The aim should be to ensure that access to the health care system can continue to be guaranteed even in this situation and that we do not withdraw at present.

  • Beauty Bogwasi, the initiator of the Polokong geriatric care centre in Maun, helps disadvantaged seniors, gives each of its residents the feeling of being appreciated and living in dignity. This means: adequately fed, clothed and above all safely accommodated. We help to ensure that at least the food is distributed to the needy seniors. 

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