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Now it's a little over a month until the day of days - Christmas.


And whether you are religious or not, the day has become engrained in our culture

as a day of giving, of thinking of and caring for one another. A time for gratitude

and self-reflection.

And it is also a time to empower others - empower them to help themselves! Empowering them to reach their dreams and empowering them for a life full of possibilities. What a wonderful feeling it is to help others and be part of something bigger.


Be part of the community today and make special projects in Botswana possible this Christmas:


  1. Making Christmas dinner possible at the elderly home - Polokong Elderly Care Centre.

  2. Gifts for the women and children of the Women Shelter (Women against Rape) in Maun

  3. Enable a power woman to start a project - Be it enabling her to get working papers to an apprenticeship in the catering industry (depending on the amount)


We will report on the enabled projects in January 2023 - follow us! :-) 


IMPORTANT: Please indicate the poof of porpose using the numbers when making your donation so that we can allocate correctly.


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support and trust over the years!


Image by Braden Collum
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