We work primarily as an organization in an ecosystem of aid organizations. The respective aid organizations work as experts on site and thus ensure the best possible use of help. Our local partners are:

  •      Corporate development: Piggy Fund & Okavango Launch Lab in Maun

  •      Healthcare: Okavango Air Rescue


Our next actions will focus on the following points:

  • We are in close contact with our partner organisation Okavango Air Rescue and will donate CHF 500 specifically for the treatment or clarification of COVID-19 cases. The aim should be to ensure that access to the health care system can continue to be guaranteed even in this situation and that we do not withdraw at present.

  • We have also received a request from another aid charity in the area of "Women Health" and are in the process of clarifying with the government in Botswana how we can best and legally correctly hand over certain medicines in Botswana.

In 2020 the following points are planned:

  • The clothing orders for the Motswana women at the holiday fair in St. Gallen are in Botswana with a long delivery delay and cannot be shipped at the moment.

  • The speeches by our President Isabelle about our mission and the projects in Botswana have been postponed until autumn. Isabelle is currently also back in Switzerland.

  • The planned "Field Misson" of Melanie and Isabelle has been postponed to the 4th quarter of 2020 due to current travel restrictions.

  • A really great trip with a Swiss Forbes list lady unfortunately had to be cancelled in April as well, this would also have been planned in the "Healthcare" section - the new date for the planned field trip is under discussion.

We offer support in the areas of company development (start-ups), health care and training and further education.

To the projects:

Our projects are financially supported by donations from private individuals, companies and social organizations as well as churches.

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