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In Maun, Botswana, we are aiming for long-term improvements. With women's empowerment, support of individuals and project synergies, we are able to introduce sustainable changes to Maun's society. We seek lasting transformation that empowers women and the community of Botswana. We are supported by donations from individuals, businesses and social organizations.

Słuchanie płuc dziecka


Prioritizing the well-being of women and communities lays the foundation for sustainable development, access to healthcare, food sufficiency and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Image by Doug Linstedt


Empowering women and girls through education and the development of “hard” and “soft” skills is crucial for personal growth and economic independence. We provide education, job training and mentoring to help women succeed.

Młodzi przedsiębiorcy

Entrepreneurial development

Supporting women in starting businesses is crucial. We provide mentorship and resources to promote successful growth, with a focus on philanthropy and community empowerment.

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