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We aim to empower women with a business idea to implement it or to support existing enterprises as needed. The opportunities for this can be as follows:

- In collaboration with a local credit company (Piggy Fund), we offer straightforward access to investors and advice for female entrepreneurs, supported by a start-up hub in Maun.

- We assist women or their businesses in entering the European market. This can be done through the use of the personal network of the members or through collaboration with women’s organizations in Switzerland. For example, the initial project at the St. Gallen holiday fair ‘Grenzenlos’ (Boundless).



Level up workshops

Participate in our ‘Level Up’ Volunteer Workshops in Botswana! Our workshops take place in the heart of Botswana, in July 2024, and we are looking for volunteers like you to act as mentors.


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Christmas Project 2022

Christmas is just around the corner, a day of giving and community. It is a time to help and empower others to achieve their dreams. Support projects in Botswana today, such as a Christmas dinner in a retirement home or gifts for the Women Shelter. When donating, please state the purpose. Thank you for your support!

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