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In collaboration with Vivere Interior Design | Furniture Sales, we were able to kick off this great project in conjunction with an event in June 2021.

“Botshelo” means “life” in Setswana, and that is the focus of this project. With every basket purchased, we directly support a young woman and thus give her more “freedom of life”. The wonderful baskets, bowls, and coasters made of palm leaves are handcrafted 100% in Botswana. Isabelle (Small Village President) and Melanie (Co-President) brought the exquisite pieces from Africa during their visit to Botswana.

Acquire the unique baskets at the Vivere store in Aathal or simply write us an email.

With every purchase of a single piece, Vivere donates a generous amount to us.

Project Botshelo
Project Botshelo
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