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We are passionate about this project, that's for sure - but how did the team come together?

If we have not worked together in the same team for 4 years, partly in the financial area, then we are certainly related or married to each other. This creates a basis of trust and a sense of community, which are essential for a heart project.

Isabelle Tschugmall and Sofie Moens mostly live in Botswana and have taken care of the needs of the Motswana women (official name of the Botswana population). The idea was then carried home to Switzerland and without hesitation we were set up as a team.
And now? Well, we hope that with the help of you as a member we can make a difference in the lives of individuals in Botswana.

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Isabelle Tschugmall


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I am Isabelle Tschugmall, 30 years old and from Switzerland.

I originally studied business communication and changed to the African bush after ten years in the financial jungle. I am a trained Nature Guide & Trails Guide and mostly are around in Maun, Botswana myself.

In addition to the bush life, my heart blooms with music and writing (blog and I'm a passionate entrepreneur.

Since we discovered a lack of female safari guides and then increasingly dealt with the topic of female empowerment, it quickly became clear to Sofie and me that we would like to focus not only on safari but also on women's support in Botswana in general.

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Melanie Tschugmall
Vice-President &

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My name is Melanie Tschugmall and I am on the Presidium of the NPO with my sister Isabelle. I have a background in tourism management and strategic marketing with a focus on behavioral economics.

Other passions of mine are travel, technology and trends as well as ballet.

When Isabelle came up with the idea, I was hooked. I strongly believe that if women and the next generation can be empowered in Botswana at the same time, we can make a lasting positive difference. The focus is on helping people to help themselves and is based on individual responsibility.

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Sofie Marais-Moens
Country Manager

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I am Sofie Moens, 39 years old and originally from Belgium.

I have been living in Cape Town for 12 years now. I originally studied business administration, accounting and taxes and am now a trained nature guide. I also mostly live in Maun, Botswana myself.

Being part of this NPO gives me a change to give something back to the communities we work with and help, if to a lesser extent, to change and improve the lives and future of amazing women and youth, that we encounter through our adventures.

In my free time I like to go triathlon and spoil myself with good food and wine.

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Marina Eleftheriadou
Project Management

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My name is Marina Eleftheriadou and I'm in my wonderful 30s. 
I was born in Kazakhstan, grew up in Greece, and have been living in Switzerland for the past decade.


I enjoy exploring, different cultures, and trying new things. I recently tried boxing and fell in love with it. In every opportunity I get, I like to dance kizomba, which helps me ground myself and makes me happy. My motto is: why walk when you can dance? 

I got introduced to The Small Village Botswana through Melanie. The Elderly Home Project's large impact and the initiative's mission inspired me. I know that every project has a direct impact on someone's life and empowers people in a very practical way. This spoke to my values and inspired me to join. I'm glad to support in any way I can.

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Susanne Eckstein
Project Management

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My name is Susanne Eckstein, I am 39 years old and I work as a headhunter for the German market in the field of capital goods. I advise and place specialists and executives in sales, in production up to C-level.

Through my further training as a systemic coach, I am able to listen well, ask the right questions and break down big topics in an understandable way and down to the essentials.I live in Berlin and very often use the flexibility of my job to work from other parts of the world to immerse myself in other cultures.

My purpose in existence is to help people develop. As part of this NPO, I would like to add value to the community, share my knowledge, connect people with one another, in order to increase awareness of "The Small Village".
In my spare time I love yoga, healthy and good food, being surrounded by like minded people, interior design, nature, art and danceable music.

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