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One of our current partners in the healthcare sector is Okavango Air Rescue. This is one of the air rescue services in Botswana (similar to REGA in Switzerland) and is headquartered in Maun. The private medical practice provides professional medical assistance to the people of Botswana (officially called Motswana) and tourists on-site.

It has been agreed with the local doctors that 90% of the financing for healthcare costs will go to women and children, with 10% allocated to men.

The following costs will be covered with your support:

  • Medications

  • External examination costs such as blood tests

  • Contribution towards the cost of medical examinations

  • Any transport costs

We receive a report each quarter that includes the expenditure contributions and cases of illness. For more information about Okavango Air Rescue, click here.

Okavango Air Rescue
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