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45 children between the ages of 4 and 17 took part in the programme, including 25 girls and 20 boys. The children come from difficult family backgrounds and unfortunately receive little or no food at home. During the week they are fed once a day by the school, but unfortunately this means that at weekends the children's diet is not organised. This leads to a situation without help and unfortunately also to the children acting without help. Above all, the girls are in danger of having to do a lot for food. 

The children and young people come from different age groups and need different levels of support. Diversity is also important in this aspect - especially for girls it is important to show possibilities in this patriarchal environment. 

Official start: Saturday, 11 May 2024, with the first meal

Goal: Provide nutritious meals and create a conducive environment for social interaction and personal development currently every Saturday

Main components:

  • Food distribution

  • Children's games

  • Conversations / needs analysis

The children took part in local and cultural games that encouraged teamwork, creativity and physical activity, all of which contribute to holistic development. Participants enjoyed lunch together and then listened to inspiring stories and motivational talks. The dedicated team on site contributed significantly to the success of the programme. Representatives from the Lodges of Botswana, who are also supporters, offered to offer three young people a traineeship in their company, and another supporter from the IT sector showed interest in offering the children IT training. The team is planning follow-up meetings with local supporters to determine the scope of the training and support measures for the children. In addition, the food programme will be expanded to include more educational and training opportunities, which will require continued financial and voluntary support.


A holistic approach is also important to us in this project and we are therefore developing a programme with the local social worker in order to take responsibility for the parents and understand their needs or problems and thus build a safe and good home for the children.

The children and young people are currently supported with food and mental support every Saturday and, depending on donations, we will certainly also offer the programme on Sundays. Thanks to your help, we have been able to support the children's physical, mental and personal development, create new opportunities for education and promote social interaction and a positive, supportive community.

Your commitment makes a huge difference! Let's continue to fight together for a better and fairer future for children in Maun, Botswana.

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