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In order to realize our project with heart and soul, we need the right partners at our side.

We are proud to be able to make a real impact in the field of Female Empowerment in Botswana with the following partners.

Are you also interested in making a difference as a partner? We look forward to hearing from you.

Cafelina logo

Switzerlands best coffee & brunch spots

We love the smell of freshly ground coffee & warm/crunchy rolls. A great start to the day - a relaxed breakfast, in peace and quiet before a demanding day or an extensive Family & Friends Brunch - there's nothing better for us.

But as so often, the all-decisive question also arises immediately: Where to? Where can I get the raspberry muffins for Aunt Marta? Will my brother's new friend with his allergy find something delicious? Are there enough free seats for our 10-person round? Can I continue to read my thriller without being disturbed?

Questions about questions, wishes & demands - but don't worry, that's where Cafelina comes in. We have set ourselves the goal of making your search easier / simpler. With our insider tips, your next brunch / coffee klatch is guaranteed to be a highlight.

Find your new favorite restaurant with Cafelina or simply try something new again and again.

Whether vegan, decaffeinated coffee, porridge with almond milk or lactose-free milk ... - we know where your wishes will be fulfilled.

Tell us your preferences and Cafelina will find the right place for you throughout Switzerland.

Lerato logo

Lerato Adventures

Safari Tour Operator

Our tours or trips are arranged with love for detail.

When choosing the locations, we take care that a unique experience can be created, outside of mass tourism. We would like to show you the pearls of each region and let you participate in the local life.

We are convinced that humans, animals and environment should be considered as a whole - this should be reflected in our trips. Become a part of more.

Lerato means in Setswana (national language of Botswana): Love.

Our love for travel and the African bush originated in Botswana. Our love for detail is reflected in the logo through the little heart in the R. Our colors of the logo are also chosen in the national colors of Botswana. So, we like to carry the adventures of wild nature out into the world.

Travel the world wholeheartedly.

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