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Feeding Programme - Update June 2024

Earlier this spring, in May 2024, we proudly kicked off our Feeding Programme for 45 children aged 2 to 17. The group comprises 25 girls and 20 boys who, for many, come from difficult family backgrounds and unfortunately receive little or no food at home. These difficult circumstances often mean the girls in particular can face a greater danger of compromising themselves to obtain food if they are not properly fed at home for example.

Feeding Programme - Kids in Maun
Feeding Programme - Kids in Maun

The children and young people in the group can often require different levels of support. Diversity in gender or age, for example, is an important dimension, particularly as locally, mindsets remain highly male-dominated. 

Each week, beyond the main goal of providing the participants with nutritious meals, we also focus on offering them a safe and positive environment that fosters social interaction and personal development. We do it not only through food distribution but also by offering the children a variety of games, activities and discussions on specific needs as they wish to raise them. 

Feeding Programme - Kids in Maun
Feeding Programme - Kids in Maun

As we progress, we can witness how the children engage with local and cultural games which are designed to promote creativity and physical activity. Playing in groups is also an essential part of building strong team spirit, and is an important part of offering opportunities for development and growth in a safe and secure environment for the children.  

Witnessing the regular participation, and the progress made amongst participants, our teams are highly committed and engaged in the success of the program. For example, we work very closely with representatives from the Lodges of Botswana, who are long-term supporters. 

The Program can also offer an avenue for various internships or professional development or upskilling for the participants. We therefore actively seek support locally to be able to further promote opportunities that can benefit our participants. 

Feeding Programme - Kids in Maun - Small Village Botswana
Feeding Programme - Kids in Maun

As we expand our program, we continue to seek additional funding and support from our partners so we can continuously improve the quality of care and focus for the participants and help empower them with more opportunities for success. With your continuous help and our team’s commitment, together we can do more! 

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