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Feeding Programme - Kids in Maun

In Maun, Botswana, we have launched an important project close to our hearts to help needy children from difficult family backgrounds. The Feeding Program currently supports

45 children between the ages of 4 and 17, including 25 girls and 20 boys. These children receive little or no food at home and are therefore particularly dependent on external support. On weekdays, they receive a meal at school, but at weekends their diet often remains unsecured. This not only leads to hunger, but also to dangerous situations, especially for girls, who are often particularly vulnerable in this patriarchal environment.

Officiall launch

The program officially launched on Saturday, May 11, 2024, with the first meal for the children. The aim is to provide nutritious meals every Saturday and create a conducive environment for social interaction and personal development.

Main components of the program

  • Food distribution: Providing healthy and nutritious meals for the children.

  • Children's games: Promoting teamwork, creativity and physical activity through local and cultural games.

  • Conversations and needs assessment: Inspiring stories and motivational talks as well as individual needs assessments.

Feeding Programme - Kids in Maun - Small Village Botswana
Feeding Programme - Kids in Maun

Support and collaboration

The program was set up by a dedicated local team, which has contributed significantly to its success. Representatives of the Lodges of Botswana, who are also supporters, have offered to provide three young people with internships in their company. In addition, a supporter from the IT sector has shown interest in providing IT training for the children. Follow-up meetings with supporters are planned to determine the scope of the training and support options.

Outlook and extensions

To ensure a holistic approach, the team works closely with a local social worker. The aim is to also take responsibility for the parents, understand their needs and thus offer the children a safe and good home.

The children are currently provided with food and mental support every Saturday. If there are enough donations, the plan is to extend the program to Sundays as well. Thanks to the support provided so far, the children's physical, mental and personal development has been enhanced, new educational opportunities have been created and a positive, supportive community has been built.

Feeding Programme - Kids in Maun - Small Village Botswana
Feeding Programme - Kids in Maun

Call for support

Your commitment makes a huge difference! Help us to continue to create a better and fairer future for the children in Maun, Botswana. Every donation, whether financial or through volunteering, contributes to the positive development of these children. Let's work together to secure and improve their future.

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