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Discover Botswana: Volunteer for the "Level Up" Workshops

In the vibrant heart of Botswana, an exciting opportunity awaits volunteers who are eager to make a significant impact while exploring the rich cultural tapestry of Botswana. This July 2024, the "Level Up" workshops are set to take place in Maun, offering a unique blend of educational advancement and cultural immersion. And for those with a spirit of adventure, there’s the added possibility of embarking on a safari, organized through us or Lerato Adventures. This can be discussed and tailored individually to suit your interests.

Why "Level Up" in Botswana?

The "Level Up" workshops are designed with a dual purpose: to address the educational needs within Botswana and to provide volunteers with a platform for personal and professional growth. Volunteers will have the chance to mentor participants, guiding them through the development of practical skills, digital tool mastery, and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. This initiative not only empowers local talents but also enables volunteers to gain invaluable insights into Botswana's vibrant society.

Volunteer as a Mentor: A Journey of Impact and Growth

Volunteering as a mentor at the "Level Up" workshops is more than just an act of service; it's an opportunity to engage deeply with the community, discover personal strengths, and develop intercultural competence. Mentors play a crucial role in shaping the program, engaging with participants, and guiding them towards mastering essential skills.

Practical Details and Safari Adventure

The workshops will be conducted both onsite in Maun, Botswana, and online, allowing for a flexible engagement. While all travel expenses are to be self-funded, the experience promises to be richly rewarding. Furthermore, for those interested, a safari experience can be arranged through Lerato Adventures.

Interested volunteers are encouraged to contact the organizers before April 30 to apply. For more information, please reach out to or visit Embrace this chance to make a difference, learn, and explore the extraordinary landscape and culture of Botswana, including the thrilling experience of a safari. Join us in July 2024 for an unforgettable volunteer experience at the "Level Up" workshops.

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